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Asya Marakulina

Asya Marakulina

1988, Perm

In 2006 graduated from a Professional College #1 in Perm with a diploma in Computer Graphics. Since 2008 has been living and working in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2015 graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Saint Petersburg State University with diploma in Production and Design of Animated Films and from «The School for Young Artist», PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Participant of the artists group «North-7» in 2014-2015.
The recipients of Garage’s (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow) program in support of emerging Russian artists in 2015/16.
Winner of the Credit Suisse Cosmoscow Prize for Young Artist (Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, 2018)

Media: drawing, painting, embroidery, animation, video installation

Personal website of the author: http://asya-marakulina.tumblr.com