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Julia Zastava

Julia Zastava

1982, Moscow

In 2006 graduated from the Humanity Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting named after M. Litovchin.

Lived and worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Currently lives and works in Vienna.

Personal site: http://juliazastava.com/

Photos of the works are provided by the artist.

Selected Exhibitions

2010 — Parcours Saint-Germain. Paris, France

2011 — Father is getting undressed. Paperworks Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2011 — I will discuss it with my umbrella. L'Alèatoire Gallery. Paris, France

2012 — Twin mind. Arte Fiera OFF, Spazio Carbonesi. Bologna, Italy

2012 — The movie: New Device. National Center for Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Visions of Ludwig Collection. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2014 — Deaf thing. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Blinking. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Actual drawing. The State Russian Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2015 — Sun in double hands. Ubik space. Vienna, Austria.

2015 — Gelation, So Weit die Zukunft. Vienna, Austria

2016 — Cyfest 10. NY Media Center. New York, the USA

2016 — Lonely mess. Aa collections. Vienna, Austria

2016 — In vases. MUSA startgalerie. Vienna, Austria

2016 — Video forever. Topographie de l’Art. Paris, France

2016 — Tender touches. Austrian Cultural Forum. London, the UK

2017 — If tiger is liquid. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia